Research projects

Our research topics listed below are closely related to each other. The besides mentioned projects involve several of them (EMPave stands for Environmental Multifunctional Pavements):

Road Materials and Pavement

Mix Design, Performance Boosting, Material Components, Reinforcement (Fibres, Grids), Interlayer Bond, Road Structures, Fatigue, Rutting, Revelling, Cracking, Durability, Compaction, Standartization, Low Cost Pavements, Traditional Recycling


In-situ Performance Testing

Performance Evaluation, Pavement Structural Dimensioning, Accelerated Load Simulation, Accelerated Pavement Testing, Monitoring, Weight-in-Motion (WIM), Pavement Damage Mechanisms, Failure Analysis, Maintenance, Rehabilitation


Innovative and Multifunctional Pavements, EMPave-MAP (=Multifunctional Asphalt Pavments)

Artificial Aggregates, Additive Manufacturing, Energy Harvesting, Porous Hybride Systems, self healing Activation, Climate Regulation (e.g. Urban Heat Island, Adaptive to Environment, Resiliant Pavements)


"Green" Asphalt Pavements, EMPave-GAP (= Green Asphalt Pavements)

Recycling (Composition, Mix Design), Rejuvenators, Energy Saving (Foam, Emulsion), Self Healing, Phase Change Additives, Waste (Tire Rubber), Marginal Materials, Health Issues