Lily Poulikakos' Personal Homepage

Lily Poulikakos received her B.S in architectural engineering from the university of Colorado, Boulder USA, M.S. in civil engineering from university of Illinois USA and PhD in civil engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. She is currently a senior scientist at Empa. Her research interests are on characterization of bituminous materials including rheology, effects of water and moisture, recycling/reuse and multi- scale characterization of asphalt concrete, targeting sustainable and multifunctional road pavements. Since she joined Empa in 2001 she has led various national and international research projects. She is a leading member of Rilem as deputy chair of the technical committee TC-231 NBM on nano bituminous materials and TC-252 CMB chemo mechanical characterization of bituminous materials and currently chair of TC-279 WMR on waste and marginal materials for roads. She is on the executive board and treasurer of the International Society for Weigh in Motion (ISWIM). Since 2018 she is editor of Elsevier journal Construction and Building Materials. Dr. Poulikakos is the author of over 70 publications in peer reviewed journals and has been the principal investigator of many national and international project.

Selected recent projects:

2018-present Urban mining for low noise urban roads and street canyons (SNF funded, cooperation with ETHZ)

2017- present Bitumen based intrinsically ice phobic road surfaces (SNF funded, cooperation with ETHZ)

2017- present Innovative manufacturing of crumb rubber modified asphalt concrete (CTI/KTI funded, cooperation TRS, Ammann, Weibel, FBB, ETHZ)

2015- 2018 Sustainable fully recycled asphalt concrete (Bafu funded, cooperation BHZ, Ammann, ETHZ)

2015- present High Performance aggregates for sustainable road pavements (SNF funded, cooperation ETHZ)

2015- present Standardization requirements for the Swiss annex to EN for complex modulus and resistance to fatigue (ASTRA funded)

2014- 2017 Ecovehicle E !7219, Defining road and rail vehicles with a low environmental footprint (ASTRA, BAFU, ARE funded)

2014-2016 Recycling asphalt concrete: exploring fundamental aspects of the interfaces (SNF funded)

2012- 2014 A Multi-Scale Investigation of Recycled Asphalt Concrete (SNF funded)

2012- 2014 Long-term durability of recycled asphalt concrete including aging, moisture exposure and fatigue (ASTRA funded).