Innovative Manufacturing of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete

Crumb rubber from tires are used in asphalt concrete as a performance enhancing additive.  Many countries mandate its use as an important waste reduction measure. This project aims to maximize  the valorisation potential of crumb rubber from waste tires, with their recycling in asphalt road pavements  as well as to demonstrate and validate the developed eco-innovative  technologies in real-life environments in terms of their environmental and economic viability in order to promote their widespread market uptake and replication.

This cooperative project funded by Innosuisse (former commission for technology and innovation (KTI/CTI)) brings together all important stakeholders; crumb rubber producer, asphalt plant manufacturer and two asphalt plants. In addition to the road engineering lab at Empa the advanced analytical methods lab investigates the environmental aspects and Prof. Dr. Guillaume Habert from ETH Zurich chair for sustainable materials performs the life cycle analysis.



Crumb rubber is produced using the water jet technique by the Swiss company TRS

Starting date: 2017

End date: 2019









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