In-situ Performance Testing

This topic deals with the performance behaviour of asphalt pavements and concentrating on questions related to monitoring, analysis and assessment of the interaction between vehicle and pavement as well as the interaction between climate/environment and pavement.
The aim is to create a sound basis of practical experience and the necessary set of technical and scientific tools that allows to design pavements with minimal maintenance and rehabilitation needs.
Tools for Accelerated Pavement Testing
  • MMLS3:

The MMLS3 is in principle working the same way as the MLS10 but in a smaller scale. It is possible to test pavements in situ or in the lab in order to investigate the mechanical behaviour under axial loading, especially the investigation of rutting in the surface course.

Main Topics
  • Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT) under well-defined reality-based traffic and climatic conditions for fast assessment of functional behaviour and bearing capacity of pavements in the field as well as validation of new dimensioning methods. Accelerated Pavement Testing is conduted on different size scales for:

          -  Evaluation of new pavement materials and concepts on real test sections

          - Optimization and assessment of quality and life-span

          - Determination of residual strength of used pavements in situ for reinforcement


          - Validation of new dimensioning methods in the field

          - Assessment of stabilizations and foundations

          - Development and optimization of rehabilitation technologies

          - Validation of dimensioning for installations (pipes, manhole covers)

  • Static and dynamic modelling of pavement structures using finite element methods
  • Usage of measurement systems for pavement monitoring in existing or newly constructed pavements
  • Monitoring and modelling of traffic effect on the pavement (Footprint) including Weigh In Motion (WIM) sensor technology as well as pavement related aspects of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)