Sustainable Fully Recycled Asphalt Concrete


Asphalt concrete is a road material consisting of high quality mineral aggregates and bitumen, both being a depleting resource. Reclaimed asphalt is a valuable material that is currently often not recycled at the highest possible value - as a replacement of the virgin materials. Instead it is often used in base layers, road shoulders, unbound pavements and stockpiled. The project "Sustainable Fully Recycled Asphalt Concrete" develops technologies and processes for 100% recycling of asphalt concrete. 100% recycling will save resources resulting in less construction and demolition waste thus providing more sustainable road construction.

The main tasks of the project are:

  • Evaluate rejuvenators and methods to test them in order to ensure full recycling of asphalt binder.
  • Develop performance-based mixture design methodologies for 100% recycled asphalt (see video).
  • Advance 100% recycled asphalt manufacturing technologies to ensure safe and reliable production of the designed mixtures.
  • Evaluate environmental effects of 100% recycling and rejuvenator use to ensure safe asphalt recycling for the people and environment.
  • Determine the performance of plant-produced 100% recycling asphalt pavement in coparison to concentional asphalt.

The project "Sustainable Fully Recycled Asphalt Concrete" is funded by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment grant no.: UTF 489.19.14/IDM2006.2423.487.

Project timetable


The project is foreseen to end in July 2018.

Time plan and milestones

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

Recycling agent dose optimization













100% mixture designed in lab













Mix design procedure oprtimisation













Production of 100% asphalt in plant













Monitoring of environmental risks













Testing plant-produced asphalt


























Project partners


The project is a cooperation between academia, industry and Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. The competences of partners complement each other ensuring cutting-edge research.

Empa provides the research know-how and owns state-of-the-art equipment for asphalt research and environmental safety charcterization.

Ammann is an internationally-reknown asphalt plant producer and leader in commercializing 100% recyling technology.

BHZ owns several state-of-the-art 100% recycling plants by Ammann and has long-standing expertise in asphalt production and recycling.

BAFU provides high-level overview of reccling in Switzerland and ensures expertise in environmental protection and safety.

Together the project partners form a well-rounded research team to bring the knowledge of 100% recycling to the next level.