Developing an Innovative Type of Asphalt Joints using Induction Heating Technology

Asphalt joints are usually the weakest location in a pavement. The effect of traffic loading and environmental conditions like moisture, temperature, etc., influence negatively on the performance of joints, causing premature failure of the road.

In this context, research efforts to improve the durability of asphalt joints are urgently needed. Therefore, this project aims to improve the overall performance of joints in asphalt pavements. The innovation is based on the use of the induction heating in asphalt pavements, specifically for improving the quality of joint construction. By adding magnetically conductive particles or fibres in the asphalt mix near the joints, the application of an electromagnetic radiation will make the temperature of the fibres increase. This project aims also to improve the compaction of the mix and interlocking of the aggregate skeleton of the asphalt mix, responsible of distributing traffic loads from the pavement surface until the lower layers. This will be achieved by improving the geometric design of the joints and proposing new compaction methods. As a result of this project it is foreseen to have a proof of concept for an innovative way to construct asphalt joints that would increase pavements life-span.



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