Functional Coatings


The coating laboratory provides infrastructure, workforce and knowhow for the deposition of functional coatings and protection layers on rigid and flexible substrates used for the fabrication of optical and electronic devices. One further goal is to overcome the gap between labscale sample manufacturing and industrially relevant fabrication technologies.

Many interesting innovations from solution coated systems are currently investigated. Very often, the technique applied in the laboratory is a process where high quality films are manufactured by controlled solvent evaporation such as in spin-coating. Solvent evaporation and film formation is by far less controlled when large area deposition techniques are employed. The coating laboratory will investigate the requirements for the ink-systems to be deposited by various high throughput-coating methods.

Available equipment at the coating laboratory will enable the development of thin film coating solutions up to DIN A5 scale. The laboratory will evaluate, develop and offer the best-suited technology and analytic for a given functional coating.

Our current topics are:

Transparent and Conductive Electrodes

Barrier Electrode Substrates

Wet Coating and Printing (Coating Competence Center)

Protection Layer for Ultrathin Glass Foils

Multifunctional Glues