Services - What the SUL has to offer you

The SUL provides analytical services and fast and simple access to sophisticated analytical equipment for partners and customers from both industry and academia. Moreover, the SUL acts as a platform for collaborative R&D projects at the forefront of scanning probe microscopy. Several multi-purpose and highly specialized scanning probe microscopes are installed in newly established user laboratories at Empa. The instruments are supervised and maintained by Empa’s expert operation staff.

Services offered by the SUL

The SUL offeres various service packages that satisfy all customer needs.

Your services at the SUL:

Consulting: Experts will assist and advice you in solving your specific surface analytical problems.

Measurement services: You provide the sample under investigation, and Empa experts will deliver measurements with high reproducibility and quality. SUL staff will also provide you with an in-depth analysis of the acquired data.

Renting measurement time: You can book time slots on specific SUL instruments to analyze your samples in whatever way you consider necessary to solve your problems.

Collaboration on R&D projects: If you are looking for a partner to realize scientific and development projects in the field of (surface) material analysis, the SUL is your collaborator of choice. We are eager to team up with both industrial and academic partners.

Training, education: Last but not least, to deepen your understanding of SFM technology, SUL experts are offering advanced education and training courses for their industrial and academic customers and partners.