Former Group Members

Dr. Liying Ma, Tianjin, China
Dr. Georg Simon (Yale University)
Dr. Leo Merz (now at Swiss Academy of Sciences) 
Dr. Chris McFadden (back to USA)
Dr. Matthias Böhringer (now at Bosch, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Bert Müller (now at U Basel)
Dr. Ivette Kuster (now a Patent lawyer)
Prof. Dr. Roman Fasel (at Empa)
Dr. Aline Cossy (now at Endress)

Phd Students:
Dr. Chrysanthi Karageorgaki
Dr. Andreas Bliersbach
Dr. Johannes Seibel
Dr. Quirin Stöckl
Dr. Bahar Behzadi-Arab (ABB)
Dr. Christian Roth (Satisloh)
Dr. Tobias Bauert (Glas Trösch)
Dr. Dandan Kong (USTC Hefei, China)
Marko Markovic
Dr. Jingyi Li
Dr. Anaïs Mairena
Dr. Alexandra Rieger

Diploma Students:
Michel Moll (Chemistry, EPFL)

Master students:
Margrith Meier

Master project students:
Cedric Sax