Corrosion Tests

Corrosion tests are widely used to evaluate corrosion resistance of metallic components and surface coatings under realistic operation conditions.

We offer a broad range of standardized corrosion and electrochemical tests both in environmental chambers and in the field, including:

  • Test with condensation-water atmosphere according to EN ISO 6270-1 and 6270-2
  • Test with sulphur dioxide with condensation according to EN ISO 6988
  • Salt spray test (neutral solution) according to EN ISO 9227
  • Field corrosion tests at different corrosive test sites in Switzerland according to EN ISO 8565
  • Immersion test according to DIN 50 905 (part 1 to 4)
  • Corrosion test for engine coolants according to ASTM D1384
  • Determination of rust-prevention characteristics of lubricating greases (EMCOR-Test) according  to DIN 51 802 or ISO 11007.
  • Standardized electrochemical tests according to DIN 50 918 and DIN 50 919
  • Test of copper alloys for stress corrosion cracking according to DIN 50 916 (part 1 and 2) and EN ISO 196
  • Determination of intergranular attack of stainless steels according to ASTM A262 and EN ISO 3651 (part 1 and 2)
  • Determination of dezincification resistance of copper alloys according to ISO 6509.

If specific corrosion conditions are not covered by our standardized corrosion tests, we can design corrosion tests for your specialized applications.

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