Corrosion Management & Materials Integrity

We are a national competence center for the investigation of corrosion failures and the development of corrosion prevention strategies. Our experts are specialized in the evaluation of complex corrosion systems. Field- and laboratory investigations of materials after impact of fire, chemical accidents and complex failures are performed using a broad range of cutting-edge analytical techniques.

Since the root cause of a material failure is often of combined chemical and mechanical nature, we combine our profound knowledge on corrosion mechanisms with long-term experiences in the fields of fractography, metallography and microstructural analysis of different types of metallic  materials and their assemblies. We offer high-end services to reveal the root cause of corrosion-related material failures in the following domains:

  • Civil Engineering: Buildings (supporting structures), Bridges (tension cables, reinforced concrete), Tunnels (supporting structures, operating infrastructures)
  • Steel construction / Architecture: Ceilings, facades (anchoring elements), Balconies, terraces (steel constructions), indoor swimming pools (suspended ceilings, technical installations), windows (mounts)
  • Mechanical engineering / Plants: Machine components (bearings, shafts, gears, etc.), Cranes (ropes), Plants (manufacturing facilities)
  • Building technologies: Heating units, heat-exchangers, water-supply, air conditioning facilities, elevators
  • Transportation: Railways, aviation, cable cars
  • Industrial Products, Packaging

We advise measures to prevent similar recurrent failures, damages and/or losses.

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