Metallography Userlab

The Empa Metallography Userlab provides know-how and facilities for sample preparation using conventional metallographic methods (e.g. cutting, grinding and polishing). Access to the Userlab is granted to all registered Empa employees, which have completed a general safety course and also received a personal instruction to the rules and safety aspects of the Userlab (see below). Please note that the  Metallography Userlab is not a service center, i.e. we do not offer (routine) sample preparation tasks.

We provide the following facilities for metallographic sample preparation:

  • Cutting machine AbrasiMet 250
  • Precision cutting machine (Buhler IsoMet4000 and Accutom-5)
  • 40mm diameter hot mounting press (Buhler SimpliMet 1000)
  • Various cold-mounting resins
  • Grinding Machine (Buhler MetaServ 250)
  • 2 semi-automatic polishing machines (Buhler PHOENIX 4000)
  • Vibration polishing (Buhler Vibromet 2)
  • Optical microscope with Camera (Zeiss Axiovert 100A / Canon DSLR)

The following consumables for sample preparation are provided by the UserLab in reasonable quantities:

  • Standard cut-off wheels (note: diamond cut-off wheels are not provided by the UserLab)
  • Hot- and cold-mounting resins (incl. clamps and other tools)
  • Grinding Paper (FEPA 180-4000)
  • A common stack of polishing cloths (note: individual sets are not financed by the UserLab)
  • Commonly applied polishing suspensions and lubricants
  • Raw-chemicals and equipment to prepare standard etching solutions

Support with guidance and assistance regarding sample preparation and interpretation is available.

The usage of the Metallography Userlab is accessible for authorized personnel only. You find all details to it in the Intranet.




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