Flumroc – naturally good

Insulation, protection, energy-saving. Flumroc utilises all the power of Nature to achieve this – in compressed form: rock wool is manufactured from regional rock and recycled rock wool. Flumroc insulating boards are national leaders in thermal and sound insulation as well as fireproofing. Flumroc produces some 50 000 tonnes of rock wool annually.

Strong – the natural strength of Swiss rock. Rock wool has a future

Rock wool is durable, because its raw material has withstood all the rigours of Nature for millions of years and is indestructible. Flumroc rock wool is produced from molten rock. For the most part, rock from Switzerland’s Grisons region, especially from Felsberg and Zernez, is used in production. Hard to imagine for the layman, and astonishing even for professionals: the masses of rock are melted at a temperature of approx. 1500 degrees Celsius. 
The liquid rock is then converted into rock wool insulating boards by means of an ingenious process.

Insulate now – make your home fit for the future

Any building can be re-insulated nowadays. Savings of up to 80% of heating energy consumption can be achieved with the right thermal insulation. Flumroc points out ideal solutions for walls, roofs, floors and ceilings, and offers the appropriate rock wool product for each and every application.

Rock wool in NEST

Existing and new rock wool products from Flumroc are installed, validated and developed further in NEST.