Active Assisted Living

Most elderly people prefer to keep on living in their flat, rather than to move in a retirement home. Therefore researchers develop assistance systems, which allow people to live on their own, even if they suffer from afflictions of old age.
In caregiving, the principle of “outpatient before inpatient” applies. Elderly or impaired people want to – and should – remain in their own homes for as long as possible. This is the goal of "Active Assisted Living”. Apartments are equipped with intelligent, digital systems, which help people in everyday life.  For instance, a digital butler reminds them to take their medication. Or a communication device designed especially for the elderly connects senior citizens with their relatives and caregivers. Scientists are looking to explore the possibilities and limitations of such assistance systems at NEST. The important thing here is the architectural design and technical flexibility of the building. After all, only thus will multi-generational living be possible.
The project is currently in its launch phase. Whether it will be realized in its own separate unit or incorporated into another will be decided in the next few months.

Innovation Manager and Managing Director NEST