Energy Demand

Our research in this module is focusing on two major fields of application: energy demand in new and existing buildings and energy demand for mobility and transportation. The energy consumption of ideal buildings should be close to zero and new buildings may in future even become net energy pro-ducers. On the other hand, efficient and low-emission vehicles with various technologies have to play a major role in future mobility.

The main objectives of this module are:

  • Evaluation and dissemination of the most efficient energy conservation technologies and strategies for existing and new buildings at reasonable costs
  • Development and demonstration of zero-energy concepts for future buildings based on a re-newable energy supply
  • Investigation of new and improved technologies for energy production, conversion and storage in buildings
  • System integration of new materials and technologies for improved energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of robust buildings systems, which are flexible to accomodate future needs and adaptable to climatic changes
  • Integration of renewable energy technologies
  • Reliability assessment of batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Concepts for the flexibilization of the energy demand in buildings and mobility
  • Energy System Analysis
hy.muve, a hydrogen-driven street sweeper developed with partners from industry