Partner Events and Links

On this page, we have compiled a list of links to Empa-Akademie’s partner organizations and interesting external events.

Events organized by institutions of the ETH Domain

Eawag Water research
ETHZ Technology and science
PSI Technology and science
WSL Forest, snow and landscape

Events organized by other partner organizations

engineers career as engineer or specialist from other technical professions
FSRM Microtechnology


Institute of HSR, Energy and resource efficiency
CAS Recycling und Entsorgung



Competence Center for Materials Science and Technology

Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

Science et Cité Dialogue between science and society
STARTFELD courses Start-ups and entrepreneurship
STARTFELD events Start-ups and entrepreneurship
Swissmem Machine, electrical and metal industry
ZHAW University of applied sciences


Links to other events

ETH Zürich, LCA Forum,

LCA 65 | How suitable is LCA for nanotechnology assessment?

Auskunft: Dr. Roland Hischier | Kursstart 24. Mai 2017


LCA 66 | LCA of mobility solutions - approaches and findings

Auskunft: Dr. Roland Hischier | Kursstart 30. August 2017

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