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Dr. Brigitte Buchmann


  • Member of Directorate
  • Head of Department Mobility, Energy and Environment
  • Head of Research Focus Area 'Resources and Pollutants'


Special Knowledge

Anthropogenic Emissions, Source Identification, Air Pollution, Transboundary Transport, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases, Reactive Gases, Instrument Development, , Mobility, Energy systems, Mobility Demonstrator move


Membership in national and international Committees

  • Member of the Swiss Federal Commission for Air Hygiene (FCAH)
  • Member of the Swiss Committee of Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)
  • Member of the Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE)
  • Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW)
  • Board Member of the World Resources Forum Association (WRFA)
  • Swiss ESA delegate, member of DOSTAG (Data Operation Scientific and Technical Advisory Group)
  • Associate editor of the Journal Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT), Copernicus Publications, the Innovative Open Access Publisher
  • Board Member Swiss Chemical Society (SCS), Division of Fundamental Research (DFR)
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Swiss Association for Environmental Technology (SVUT)
  • Member of the Swiss Federal Commission for Space Affaires (CFAS), 2008 - 2019
  • Member of the Swiss Commission for the high alpine research station Jungfraujoch of scnat, 2009 - 2018
  • Board Member of ESM (Entwicklungsfond für seltene Metalle), 2014-2017
  • Steering group member of the Centre for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) at ETHZ; 2008 – 2016
  • Member of SCRS Swiss Commission for Remote Sensing of scnat, 2003 – 2016
  • Chairperson PRODEX Program Committee (evaluation of Swiss Space experiments), 2014 - 2015
  • Member of the PRODEX Program Committee (evaluation of Swiss Space experiments), 2008 - 2015
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Reactive Gases of the Global Atmosphere Watch programme (WMO), 2009 - 2014



  • Lecturer at ETHZ: Air Pollution Control I
  • Capacity Building Programme of GAW (on – sites GAW stations and at Empa): Measurement technique, traceability, data treatment


Curriculum Vitae

  • Professional Experience
    • 2012-present Empa, Head of the Department Mobility, Energy and Environment & Member of Directorate
    • 2002-2012 Empa, Head of the Laboratory for Air Pollution/Environmental Technology
    • 1989-2001 Empa, Leader of the research group Ambient Air Pollution/NABEL at the Laboratory for Air Pollution/Environmental Technology
    • 1988-1989 University of Zürich, Research Associate (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR)
    • 1983-1988 University of Zürich, Research & Teaching assistant at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
    • 1982-1987, Teacher for Chemistry at high schools in Zürich
  • Education
    • 1988, PhD in Chemistry, University of Zürich: 'Contributions to the Chemical Behaviour of Olefin- and Allyl-complexes of electron rich Transition metal-complexes'
    • 1983, Diploma in Chemistry, University of Zürich, Switzerland: 'Synthesis and Reactivity of µ5-Cyclopentadienyl-mangan-dicarbonyl-allyl-complexes'

List of Publications (PDF, 165kB)