Dr. Brigitte Buchmann

Current Position

  • Member of Empa's Board of Directors

  • Head of Department "Mobility, Energy and Environment"

  • Head of Research Focus Area "Natural Resources and Pollutants"


Area of Expertise

Anthropogenic Emissions, Source Identification, Air Pollution, Transboundary Transport, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases, Reactive Gases, Instrument Development


Membership in National and International Committees

  • Swiss Federal Commission for Air Hygiene (FCAH), Member
  • ESM (Entwicklungsfond für seltene Metalle), Board Member
  • Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), Member Scientific Advisory Group for Reactive Gases
  • PRODEX Program Committee (evaluation of Swiss Space experiments), Member
  • Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme, Member of the Swiss Committee
  • Swiss Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE), Member
  • Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW), Member
  • Swiss Federal Commission for Space Affaires (CFAS), Member
  • World Resources Forum Association (WRFA), Board Member
  • High Alpine Research Station Jungfraujoch of scnat, Member of the Swiss Commission
  • Swiss Commission for Remote Sensing (SCRS) of scnat, Member
  • Swiss ESA delegate, Member of DOSTAG (Data Operation Scientific and Technical Advisory Group)
  • Centre for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) at ETH Zurich, Steering Group Member
  • Journal "Atmospheric Measurement Techniques" (AMT), Copernicus Publications, Associate Editor



  • ETH Zurich, Air Pollution Control I, Lecturer
  • Capacity Building Programme of GAW (on-site GAW stations and at Empa): Measurement technique, traceability, data treatment


Curriculum Vitae

  • Professional Carreer
    • 2012 present Empa, Head of Department "Mobility, Energy and Environment"
    • 2002 2012 Empa, Head of Laboratory for Air Pollution/Environmental Technology
    • 1989 2001 Empa, Group Leader Ambient Air Pollution/NABEL
    • 1988 1989 University of Zurich, Research Associate (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR)
    • 1983 1988 University of Zurich, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Research & Teaching Assistant
    • 1982 1987 Teacher for Chemistry at Highschools in Zurich
  • Education
    • 1988 PhD in Chemistry, University of Zurich, "Contributions to the Chemical Behaviour of Olefin- and Allyl-complexes of electron rich Transition metal-complexes"
    • 1983 Diploma in Chemistry, University of Zurich, "Synthesis and Reactivity of µ5-Cyclopentadienyl-mangan-dicarbonyl-allyl-complexes"

List of Publications (PDF, 165kB)