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Benedikt Weber
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Professional expertise
Structural dynamics, Shape memory alloys in civil engineering, Concrete spalling due to fire, Numerical modelling of mechanical and thermal problems
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Field of Activity

  • Structural dynamics:
    • Field tests
    • Analysis and identification
    • Numerical modelling
  • Shape memory alloys in civil engineering
    • Material characterization
    • Numerical modelling
  • Porous media
    • Concrete spalling due to fire
    • Modelling of heat and mass transfer in porous media
    • Experimental techniques

Special Knowledge

  • Neutron imaging
  • Multiphysics simulations with COMSOL
  • Programming in C++, Matlab


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Membership in Professional Associations

  • Swiss Society for Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
  • RILEM Technical Committee 256-SPF: Spalling of concrete due to fire: testing and modelling (Chairmen Task 5: Numerical Modelling)

Dr. sc. techn. ETH Zurich
M.S. Stanford University
Dipl. Bau-Ing. ETH Zurich

German, English, French