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1 July, 2022 


You will receive a comprehensive overview of the state of materials development in the field of high-tech ceramic materials, learn the basics of production and physical and chemical properties, and discuss new development trends and their future potential.

The experts:

- Prof. Dr. Thomas Graule, High Performance Ceramics

- Dr. Frank Clemens, High Performance Ceramics

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8 September, 2022

3D Drucken in der Medizintechnik

Learn the basics of additive manufacturing in medical technology, as well as the industrial manufacturing chain of the technology transfer centre "Swiss m4m Center" in Bettlach. In addition, you will gain an understanding of normative aspects and quality requirements in connection with 3D printing.

The experts:

- Nicolas Bouduban, Universität Bern und Berner Fachhochschule für Technik und Informatik

- Dr. Christian Leinenbach, Advanced Materials Processing

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7 October, 2022

Energy Harvesting

Implanted and wearable biomedical devices, sensor-based navigation, portable multimedia devices, distributed sensor networks, smart label technologies, mobile communication or portable IT systems are the forerunners of this revolutionary trend that is gaining importance in almost every living and working environment. This raises the serious question of how to power a widely distributed network of embedded systems.

The expert: 

- Prof. Dr. Peter Woias, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Dept. of Microsystems Engineering, Gemany

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4 November, 2022


You will gain up-to-date insights into tribology and learn the theoretical principles of tribology, as friction, wear and lubrication occur in all mechanical, electromechanical and biological systems and are of enormous practical importance.

The experts:

- Dr. Rowena Crockett, Surface Science & Coating Technologies

- Dr. Mousab Hadad, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG

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15 March, 2023

Additive Fertigung von Metallen

You will be given an overview of the process chain of metal processing additive manufacturing methods, explain the influence of different process steps on the material properties and inform about the possibilities and limitations in the additive manufacturing of metals.

The expert: 

- Dr. Christian Leinenbach, Advanced Materials Processing

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