Inauguration of the "Driving" adventure station

Environmental bike path stops at Empa

25 sept. 2017 | STEPHAN KÄLIN
On 4 October, two adventure stations will open at the campus of Empa and Eawag on Switzerland's second "Umweltveloweg" (environmental bike path). The interactive stations, each with a large-scale picture book, show in a child-friendly way how we can redesign driving and reshape our rivers naturally in the future while being environmentally conscious.

Empa and Eawag, the research institutes in the ETH Domain, are the station partners of the association Umeltvelowege Schweiz, and offer visitors two new, friendly, outdoor adventure platforms with the themes "Driving" and "Water". The adventure stations are connected to the new environmental bike path from St. Gallen to Zurich and can be visited easily by children and adults via bicycle.

At Empa's mobility demonstrator "move", the picture book's humorous mascot – Cosmo – teaches us how we could drive without fossil fuels in the future using renewable energy. The adventure station "Water" at the water research institute Eawag will present how to revitalize obstructed rivers with plants and animals. The visitors will be able to playfully transform an obstructed river into a natural habitat and thus conjure up, for example, the kingfisher.

Movement and education
The association Umweltvelowege Schweiz turns bicycle routes into adventure paths with envi-ronmental themes. The goal is to bring about a behavioral change to a more environmentally-friendly and healthier lifestyle in children and families, as well as other recreational cyclists. Through the combination of movement and education, academic environmental topics are brought to life outdoors, in nature.
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