Future mobility

First rapid e-charging station in St Gallen

On 18 August 2016 the municipality of St Gallen commissioned the first public rapid e-charging station, located on the Empa premises. This gives the drivers of electric vehicles the ability to recharge their cars within just a few minutes.

Thanks to the cooperation with Empa St Gallen, the city’s public services department was able to im-plement the rapid recharging station, where the batteries of electric vehicles can be recharged very quickly with “St.Galler Eco Plus Power”. The expectation is that by the year 2020 there should be 1000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the roads of the city, and for “refuelling” these vehicles suitable infrastructure is required. The municipality of St Gallen is tasked with ensuring that network of public recharging points is continuously expanded over the coming years, in line with both the city’s Energy Concept 2050 and its future mobility strategy.

The city’s public utilities department also offers a consultation service for private persons and compa-nies dealing with issues relating to recharging stations and energy-efficient vehicles. If required they will also take on the task of installing and maintaining recharging stations and will supply the necessary energy (derived solely from renewable sources). In addition the municipality also provides support to surrounding towns and villages in the realisation of charging stations, allowing synergies in terms of planning and installation standards to be exploited. In the nearby towns of Steinach, Roggwil and Berg, cooperation with local authorities has resulted in recharging stations for use by the public already be-ing in operation.

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