Exhibition on careers in engineering at Swiss Transport Museum

The living face of technology

Sep 27, 2005 | BEAT ASCHWANDEN
Empa is representing the research and development professions at the «Living face of technology» exhibition at the Swiss Transport Museum. Over a period of one year 15 companies will be introducing young people to careers in engineering. Real people doing technical jobs will bring the exhibits to life in a display that is aimed particularly at children, but also at young people who are about to choose a career or course of study.
Engineers are the foundation of every state-of-the-art technology. But these people don't just fall from the skies. They have to be recognized and encouraged from an early age. The aim of the special «Living face of technology» exhibition is therefore to give children and young people as real a possible an insight into the engineering professions and to help them choose a career or course of study by suggesting possible career paths. 15 engineers from companies and institutions – including Empa – will be presenting their everyday work on jigsaw puzzle display boards at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.
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Rui Zhang

Empa personifying research & development careers

Mechatronics engineer Rui Zhang will be the living face of research and development careers. She has been a scientific employee at Empa Dübendorf for three years and is working on her PhD.

The young scientist aims to design a glove made of artificial muscles to simulate the pressure of objects on the hand. It would thus be possible to touch virtual objects.

This is an ambitious goal. «When I first started out, my project looked like a huge plate of spaghetti – lots of unanswered questions all muddled together with no discernible beginning or end», says Rui Zhang, describing the challenges of her work. «Over time I've learned to organize my big plateful and divide it up into smaller portions. That way I can get a little closer to achieving my goal every day.»

Careers in research and development offer an exciting and varied future for young people with visions. Research and development scientists work with industry and society to find solutions to everyday problems. Using the latest methods and equipment, they put flashes of inspiration onto paper, develop them on computers and turn them into finished products in workshops and laboratories. Thus they shape the world of tomorrow.


Engineers in action

The «faces of technology» will be present in person on eight days spread over the coming months to talk about their career, show things from their everyday work or conduct experiments.

Action Days

  • Tuesday 3 November 2005 
  • Thursday 13 December 2005 
  • Sunday 22 January 2006
  • Tuesday 16 February 2006 
  • Thursday 21 March 2006 
  • Sunday 23 April 2006
  • Tuesday 9 May 2006 
  • Friday 16 June 2006


You will find all the latest details on the Transport Museum's website www.verkehrshaus.ch.


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