X-ray detectors

Additive Manufacturing with quality control in real-time

May 28, 2019 | RAINER KLOSE
Empa and G-ray team up to develop a world's first in metal 3D printing. G-ray, a Neuchatel-based start up, will provide real-time quality control during the manufacturing process.
3d printing in metal. Image: Empa

Empa's novel 3D printing system will be based on Electron Beam Melting (EBM) – a printing method, which promises high melting capacity and high productivity. In EBM the electron beam is managed by electromagnetic coils providing very fast and accurate beam control that allows several melt pools to be maintained simultaneously. The process takes place in vacuum and at high temperature.

In order to monitor the manufacturing process in real time, Empa will incorporate G-ray's X-ray detectors into the prototype 3D printer, which is currently developed at Empa’s Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing led by Patrik Hoffmann in Thun.

For more details see the G-ray press release.