Arm Wrestling Competition

Empa robot flexes its muscles

Mar 11, 2005 | MARTINA PETER

On 7 March 2005 Empa took part in a highly unusual world championship in San Diego at which robots had the chance to compete against a female student in arm wrestling. According to the rules, only robots that generate force by means of electrically activated polymers (EAP) were allowed to take part. The Empa team under Dr Gabor Kovacs achieved a notable success, taking second place in this first ever “Arm Wrestling Robot” competition.

Arm wresting with the Empa robot: Student Panna Felsen was the winner

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Arm wrestling robot driven by dielectric EAP: Please download this Powerpoint file: 2,3 MB

"Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Actuators" 4 posters: Please download this Powerpoint file: 1,7 MB