Celebration in the Empa Academy in Duebendorf

“The Empa is at the Forefront of Development in the 21st Century”

Jun 24, 2005 | MARTINA PETER

The Empa has been celebrating its 125th birthday, and at the official event on 24th June Federal Councilor Pascal Couchepin, National Councilor Barbara Haering, ETH-Council-President Alexander Zehnder and the leadership of the Empa addressed the invited guests. And for the first time the Mirko Roš Award was presented by the Empa in recognition of outstanding contributions to material and engineering sciences.

State Councilor Trix Heberlein and Federal Councilor Pascal Couchepin are shown how a wireless sensor network for monitoring engineering structures works. M. Couchepin is holding a component of the system in his hand.