Completed PhD Theses

Felix Bünning, Marrying Machine Learning and Model Predictive Control for Building Energy Management

Cristina Dominguez Hernandez, Forecasting the electricity demand of rural households to improve the electrification planning in developing countries

Benjamin Fumey, Heat and Mass Exchanger Design for Inter-seasonal Liquid Absorption Heat Storage

Marc Hohmann, Predictive optimal operational strategies for urban energy systems

Julien Marquant, Facilitating Multi-Scale Urban Energy Systems Modelling

Georgios Mavromatidis, Modelling of decentralized energy systems under uncertainty

Somil Miglani, Optimal energy system and retrofit measures for residential buildings/districts: A detailed modeling perspective on ground source heat pumps

Boran Morvaj, Holistic optimisation of distributed multi energy systems for sustainable urban areas

Portia Murray, Integration of sustainable multi-hub systems from the building performance perspective

Christoph Waibel, Hyper-Heuristic Framework for Multi-Objective Optimization of Urban Systems

Danhong Wang, Renewable powered district heating networks