Drug Delivery Systems


In order to be of use in personalized medicine, drug delivery systems are facing a particular challenge: therapeutic substances have to be released at the right time at the right place and in the desired concentration. This implies that the materials used as drug carriers have to be specifically tailored and that the delivery mechanisms have to be well controlled. The goal is to trigger the delivery in dependence of external parameters like changes in temperature, pH, light intensity or in response to a physiological redox reaction.

In this module, we aim at developing smart hybrid materials with novel form factors, high surface-to-volume ratios, specific functionalization and performance control based on smart multi-responsive polymers and state-of-the-art processing methods. We investigate the interplay between material parameters like viscosity or surface tension to achieve the right system architecture with a corresponding targeted delivery performance. The release kinetics is investigated in dependency of the materials’ molecular structure using advanced characterization techniques. The clinical relevance of newly developed systems is assessed using in-house in vitro models or in collaboration with our clinical partners.