Materials for Energy Conversion


Mission We strive to solve industry-relevant challenges for sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies through materials and device innovation.

Expertise Our laboratory possesses strong competencies in the synthesis and processing of functional electronic and ion conducting materials, the characterization of their structural, electronic, ionic and thermal transport properties, as well as their integration and performance assessment in operational devices.

Research Our research aims at developing fundamental knowledge through experiment and modeling enabling new materials and processes that improve device performance, stability, cost, and sustainability. We focus on the following application-driven topics: batteries for short-term energy storage and electrochemical fuels for long-term energy storage.




October 2022: We welcome Hugo as new member of our lab.

September 2022: We welcome Maissara and Antoine as new members of our lab.

June 2022: We welcome Ali as new member of our lab.

May 2022: We welcome Edouard as new member of our lab.

April 2022: We welcome Andrea as new member of our lab.

April 2022: Launch of the InnoSuisse Flagship project CircuBat, a national initative to advance the circularity for lithium-ion batteries. More information here.

March 2022: We welcome Rafael as new member of our lab.

February 2022: We welcome Qing and Gian as new members of our lab.

January 2022: We welcome Dan and Silvan as new members of our lab.

December 2021: Congratulations to Daniel for successfully defending his PhD at the EPFL.

December 2021: Our lab is happy to join the Alistore network as a new academic member. More information here.

November 2021: We welcome Roy as new member of our lab.

October 2021: We welcome Lea and Mariano as new members of our lab.

September 2021: Congratulations to Francesco for winning the best poster award at the Swiss Summer School 2021: Catalysis and Sustainability, organized by the Swiss Chemical Society and NCCR Catalysis.

September 2021: We welcome Peter, Mayan, and Ulrich as new members of our lab.

September 2021: Our lab is happy to join the BIG-MAP consortium as a stakeholder. More information here.

August 2021: We welcome Sufu as new member of our lab.

July 2021 Congratulations to Ryo for successfully defending his PhD at the University of Geneva.

July 2021: We welcome Nicolas as new member of our lab.

June 2021: We welcome Walid as new member of our lab.

May 2021: Our lab on national TV in the infotainment show Einstein. Watch the podcast here.

May 2021: Our lab is happy to join the NCCR Catalysis consortium as associate partners. More information here.

May 2021: We welcome Aliki, Francesco, and Gerrit as new members of our lab.

March 2021: We welcome Roman as new member of our lab.

February 2021: 3rd edition of the Swiss Battery Days in honor of Prof. Petr Novak coorganized online by PSI and our lab taking place from February 15-17 with a surprise talk by Noble laureate Prof. Stanley Wittingham. More information and registration here.

February 2021: Kick-off meeting for the H2020 project Solstice focusing on molten salt and liquid metal batteries for stationnary storage. More information here and on the project's website

February 2021: We welcome Angelina as new member of our lab.

January 2021: Congratulations to Benjamin for completing his degree in electrical engineering at Höhere Fachschule Uster with the best grade of his class!

January 2021: We welcome Tu and Louis as new members of our lab.

December 2020: Our lab head Corsin Battaglia confirmed as executive committee member of the newly founded Swiss Battery Association More information here.

December 2020: Congratulations to Daniel for winning the MRS Best Presentation Award at the virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting.

Dr. Corsin Battaglia

Dr. Corsin Battaglia

Head of Laboratory

Phone: +41 58 765 4131

Daniela Isler-Schmid

Daniela Isler-Schmid

Administrative Assistant

Phone: +41 58 765 4871

Seminars and Events  

29.08.2022 - 31.08.2022 Swiss Battery Days, Empa Academy, Dübendorf Switzerland, organized by our lab, register here.

06.12.2021 08:00 MRS Fall Meeting, online, with many presentations from our lab, register here. 

30.11.2021 09:00 Swiss Battery Association iBAT 2nd Annual Meeting, Biel, Switzerland, coorganized by our lab, register here.

24.11.2021 09:30 International Workshop on Sodium-Ion Batteries, online, register here.

23.11.2021 09:30 Battery Innovation Days, online, register here.

26.10.2021 13:00 EU Green Battery Conference, online, coorganized by our lab, register here

24.10.2021 08:00 International Battery Materials Association Annual Meeting, online, register here.

18.10.2021 13:30 Dr. Alexis Grimaud, CNRS, Collège de France, Aqueous lithium-ion batteries, from fundamental understanding to practicality, where are we?, FC-C20.

10.10.2021 08:00 ECS Fall Meeting, online, with many presentations from our lab, register here

07.10.2021 08:00 Battery2030+, Annual Meeting, online, register here

29.09.2021 08:00 Swiss Battery Association iBAT, online workshop on the role of Swiss industry in battery cell manufacturing, organized by our lab, register here.  

17.09.2021 16:00 Dr. Ryo Asakura, Empa, PhD thesis seminar followed by apéro, Empa Academy.

13.09.2021 08:00 EUROMAT2021, online, with many presentations from our lab, register here.