Peer Reviewed Papers

Hack, N. et al. 2017. MESH MOULD: AN ON SITE, ROBOTICALLY FABRICATED, FUNCTIONAL FORMWORK. In High Performance Concrete and Concrete Innovation Conference, edited by Submitted 01.11 2016. Tromsø. Link

Aghaei-Meibodi, M., Bernhard, M., Dillenburger B., and Jipa, A. 2017. The Smart Takes from the Strong. Link

Jipa, A., Bernhard, M., Dillenburger B., and Aghaei-Meibodi, M. 2016. “3D Printed Stay-in-Place Formwork for Topologically Optimised Concrete Slabs. TxA: Emerging Design and Technology 2016, San Antonio, Texas, submitted / to be published.

Uffray, N. et al. 2017. Complex architectural elements from UHPFRC and 3D printed sandstone. RILEM, the French Association for Civil Engineering – UHP-FRC: 2017., Abstract Accepted.

Invited Lectures

21. Sept. 2016: Additive Manufacturing Expo AMX, Lucerne, Forum Lifestyle, Mathias Bernhard.