Advanced Materials Processing  
Processing dynamics and optical materials
Nanocomposites fabrication and coatings
Electromagnetic processing of functional materials

Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing

Our laboratory adds competences in challenging materials production, structuring and machining, and improved rapid thermal processing of materials. It combines understanding of safe fabrication of dry nanopowders in the several grams per hour scale, its mixing with other materials and transformation into compact materials. Furthermore understanding and know-how of electromagnetic wave - materials interactions are used for example for optimal microwave heating of complex multi-component materials and systems. A third activity takes care of in depth studies and analysis of dynamics of processing such as classical and laser machining processes, plasma dynamics for particle production and multi-component coatings for a variety of industrial applications. Optical materials will be added to our competences as growing activity. The three groups

work in close collaboration and overlapping activities. Materials microstructure analysis is a binding and bridging activity in the laboratory. From the production of nano-particles through mixing to shaping, we cover the full range of research and development of novel composite materials. The focus lies in understanding of process dynamics, how to finalize the consolidation process, or how to cost and energy efficiently stabilize, or structure in a generative process the materials as final device or in devices.

Past publications

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Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing
Empa - Materials Science & Technology
Feuerwerkstrasse 39
CH-3602 Thun

Tel.: +41 58 765 1133
Fax.: +41 33 228 4490

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Head of laboratory
Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann
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