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Materials meet Life
"Into a healthy future with innovative materials"
Materials meet Life

Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable technologies and products for the textile, biotech and medtech industries at the interface of materials and life sciences

The activities and projects of the Department “Materials meet Life” are embedded into the Research Focus Area „Health and Performance“ and are closely associated to the other 4 Research Focus Areas

The Department “Materials meet Life” with ist 5 research labs addresses various aspects and applications of new materials as well as material safety aspects. Specifically we develop new fibers and fabrics for extreme requirements and for the protection of humans. We break new ground in synthesis of biopolymers or important precursors of chemicals via biocatalysis, we concentrate on materials, which will be used for medical applications within the human body or which protect us in our daily life. Within this overall scenario, we additionally investigate the safety of new materials by developing and using new testing methods and different model system (e.g. human stem cells or organs such as human placenta).

Dr. Alex Dommann
Head of Department Materials meet Life
Empa - Swiss Federale Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
CH-9014 St. Gallen
Phone: +41 58 765 74 01

Maria Schönenberger
Phone: +41 58 765 74 00

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