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Laboratory Internal Combustion Engines

Mobility contributes substantially to personal quality of life as well as to economic development, but has also a negative impact on the local and global environment.

Our vision of a future mobility is based on efficient and emission-free power trains for motor vehicles, powered by CO2-neutral domestic fuels.

The focus of our research activities in cooperation with academic and industrial partners is:

Low-emitting and energy efficient power trains

Dynamic combustion research on natural gas, gasoline and diesel engines for passenger cars, light and heavy duty vehicles.

Engine optimization regarding consumption and emissions:

  • Emissions application of engine control systems, development and prototyping of new functions
  • Hybridization, energy management

Dr. Patrik Soltic (

Exhaust gas after treatment

  • Development of lambda control and catalytic converter concepts
  • Investigation of the aging behavior of catalytic converters in field operation (emission monitoring und surface phenomena on the catalytic converter)
  • Investigation of different catalyst supports

Christian Bach (


Emissions modeling

  • Instantaneous 10 Hz emission measurements including the compensation of transport dynamics
  • Combined linear dynamic and non-linear 4D modeling of the emission behavior of motor vehicles and non-linear, dynamic modeling of catalytic converters
  • Determination of the relative oxygen level (ROL) and of the oxygen storage capacity (OSC) in the catalytic converter based on instantaneous emission measurements


Thomas Bütler (

Particulates and soot formation

  • Formation of volatile particles in the exhaust of motor vehicles
  • In-cylinder based soot formation and oxidation in diesel engines
  • Formation of particles in big diesel engines
  • Physical and chemical particulate characterization

Dr. Panayotis Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler (

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