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Materials and Systems Group
One of the focal areas of the group is the application of materials and systems aid in reducing sound radiation and the transmission of noise and vibration.
In Building Acoustics we research into the technical fundamentals upon which acoustic countermeasures in buildings are based. In particular we specialize in the study of sound transmission in lightweight assemblies.
In Room Acoustics we investigate the behavior of sound in rooms. In school halls, theatres, concert halls and churches the aim is to achieve good acoustics for the enjoyment of music and to ensure that speakers are clearly understood by their audiences.
In the field of noise control we concentrate on the reduction of noise emission at the source. In order to use active or passive noise and vibration suppression techniques it is necessary to identify and characterize the acoustic source by experimental or numeric methods. This allows the next step in the mitigation process to be carried out – that of modifying the source in such a way as to adjust the emission values and characteristics to meet specific requirements.
The Materials and Systems Group’s fields of activity: from the generation of sound to its transmission and propagation


One of the strengths of the Materials and Systems Group lies in its combination of experience in building acoustics, room acoustics and noise control techniques. This lends it a high degree of synergy and affords it the flexibility to react to a wide range of different situations.
Contact persons

Dr. Armin Zemp, Group Leader Materials and Systems, Lecturer ETH

Dr. Stefan Schoenwald, Building Acoustics Lab Manager

Kurt Eggenschwiler, Head of Laboratory, Room Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics, Aircraft Noise, Lecturer ETH

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