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Competence centres of the ETH domain

The four Competence Centres that began work in 2006 combine scientific strengths in a number of different fields with relevant economic activities. At the same time they set milestones for the future and create a platform for networking pure and applied research with the aim of stimulating economic and social innovation.



Competence Centre for Material Sciences and Technology CCMX
The Competence Centre for Material Sciences and Technology, CCMX, headed by EPF Lausanne was set up for the purpose of developing new materials and surface properties. Its mission is to develop globally innovative technologies for the life sciences, especially medicine (biosensors, biomaterials and drug delivery), for energy storage and for micro- and nano-systems, including sensors and diagnostics, and to provide an analytical platform.




Competence Centre for Energy and Sustained Mobility CCEM
The synergy cluster for energy and sustained mobility, CCEM, for which PSI is leading house, focuses on the reduction of CO2 emissions and on reducing Switzerland’s dependence on  imported fossil fuels. This objective is to be attained in part by clean and efficient goods transport by road and water (Zero Impact Diesel Engine) as well as by stimulating passenger transport by developing high-efficiency drive trains for hybrid vehicles and through the development of emission-free electric vehicles. Other focal points deal with high-efficiency, CO2-neutral electricity production and distribution, conversion of energy and the sustainable use of energy in buildings.



Competence Centre for Environment and Sustainability CCES
The Environment and Sustainability «brain tank», CCES, is headed by ETH Zurich and specializes in issues relating to sustainable land use, climate and environmental change, next-generation environmental technologies, environment and health, natural resources and natural hazards and risks. The Competence Centre also sees itself in the role of educational institute for questions of sustainability and as a council for political, social, economic, technological and scientific issues. By supplying high-value services it strengthens ties with society at large, the political establishment, the scientific community, universities and private enterprise.



Competence Centre for Systems Biology SystemsX
SystemsX was founded by ETH Zurich and the Universities of Zurich and Basel. The centre collates research activities in systems biology at the participating universities and will be developed into a national systems biology initiative. The aim is to involve further partners from the ETH domain, universities, higher education institutes and industry. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of new technologies and tools for system-oriented, computer-aided analysis, modelling and prediction of biological processes, organs and organisms. The findings of this young, interdisciplinary science will primarily benefit biology, medicine, pharmacology and the pharmaceutical industry.


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