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CV – Karl-Heinz Ernst

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ernst

Professional Experience:

2012                   Visiting professor at IBM Almaden, San Jose, California,
                          USA, Group of Dr. Andreas Heinrich

Since 2010          Titularprofessor, Department of Chemistry, University Zürich

1992-present      Senior Scientist at Empa – Swiss Federal Laboratories
                           for Materials Testing and Research, Dübendorf,
                           Switzerland, since 1998 head of Surface Technology
                           Group, (now Molecular Surface Science Group)

8/99-5/2000        On sabbatical leave to UC Berkeley, Department of
                           Physics and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 
                           California, USA, Group of Prof. Y.-R. Shen

9/2003-8/2004    On sabbatical leave to Univ. of Washington, Seattle,
, Department of Bioengineering, Group of
                           Prof. Viola Vogel.

1992                   Visiting scientist at the Freie Universität Berlin,
                           Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB 6) of the
                           German National Science Foundation (DFG).

1990 - 1991        Post-Doctorate at the University of Washington,
                           Seattle, USA, Group of Prof. C. T. Campbell


2007                   Habilitation at University Zurich,
                           Degree: Private Docent (PD)

1986 - 1990        Graduate Study at the Inst. f. Physical Chemistry,
                           Freie Universität Berlin and at the Berlin Electron
                           Storage Ring for Synchrotron Radiation (BESSY),
                           Supervisor: Prof. Dr. K. Christmann,
                           Thesis referees: Prof. Dr. K. Christmann,
                           Prof. Dr. G. Ertl, Degree: Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)

1982 - 1986        Chemistry, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB),
                            Degree: Diplom-Chemiker

1979 - 1982        Chemical Engineering at the University of
                           Applied Sciences (Technische Fachhochschule,
                           TFH) Berlin,
                           Degree: Chemie-Ingenieur (grad)

1978 - 1979       Compulsory military service, Gießen & Hann. Münden

1977 - 1978       College specialising in technical subjects, (Technische
                           Fachoberschule), Braunschweig, 
                           Degree: Fachhochschulreife

1975 - 1977       Professional training, School of Chemistry 
                           Dr. Heinemann
, Braunschweig,
                           Degree: Chemisch-Technischer Assistent (CTA)

1966 - 1975       Primary and Secondary Schools


1990 - 1991       Postdoctoral Fellowship of the German National
                          Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungs-
                          gemeinschaft, DFG) 1990

1992                  Habilitation Fellowship of the German National 
                          Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungs-
                          gemeinschaft, DFG)

2003                  EMPA Research Prize


Publications:    130, peer reviewed 80, h-citation index: 27
(>1700 citations)

Presentations: 178 oral presentations of which 132 are invited

Professional memberships and honary functions

a)   Honorary Professor at the University Zurich (since 2010)


b)   Lecturer at Department of Chemistry, University Zurich (since 2007)


c)   Lecturer at Materials Science Department, FederalInstitute of
Technology (ETH) Zurich (since 2005)


d)   Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, University of Applied Sciences
(TFH) Berlin (1988–1990)


e)   Chairman of the Swiss Working Group for Surface and Interface
Science (SAOG) and chairman of the Organizing Committee of
the Annual SAOG Meeting


f)   Member of the editorial board of the Swiss Chemical Society
Journal CHIMIA.


g)   Local Scientific Advisory Committee European Conference of
Applied Surface and Interface Analysis - ECASIA 2003, Berlin


h)   Member of the Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft (DBG) for Physical
Chemistry (since 1987)


i)   Member of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
(DPG, since 1985)


j)   Member of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCG, since 2010)


k)   Referee for international scientific journals: Angewandte Chemie,
Nature, Nature Chemistry, ChemPhysChem, Advanced Functional
Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Surface
Science, journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Physical
Chemistry, Surface and Interface Analysis, Langmuir, Zeitschrift
f. Physikal. Chemie, Chemistry–A European Journal, etc.


l)   Referee for diploma and PhD thesises at EPF Lausanne and
University Zurich


m)   Co-organizer of two symposia held on National Meetings of the
American Chemical Society (ACS)


n)   Member of the Organizing Committee of the Int. Symp. of Atomic
Level Characterization
(ALC’09, MauiHawaii & ALC’11, Seoul, Korea).


o)   Co-organizer of 22nd Symposium of Surface Science,
3S’09, St. Moritz


p)   Co-organizer of the PIRE ECCI Workshop on heterogeneous
catalysis, Dalian, China 2009



q)   Panel member of the European Research Council (ERC)


r)   Expert for the Swiss-Korean Science & Technology Program



s)   Reviewing Expert for the European Research Council (ERC), startup and advanced grants.

t)   Reviewing Expert for the Swiss-Korean Science & Technology programme

u)   Reviewing Expert for NWO, the Nederlandse Organisatie voor
      Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)

v)   Guest Editor for Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

w)  Guest Editor for the Swiss Chemical Society Journal CHIMIA


Hobbies:           Sailing, Diving, Hiking

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