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MedTech-related research
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MedTech-related Research

The main topic of our research is the development of cellular systems and monitoring tools for the characterisation of cell-material interaction. For this we study:

  • cell migration,
  • proliferation
  • differentiation
  • cell-cell interaction

of cells on materials (e.g. metals, ceramics, polymers).

For this purpose, we try to model the in vivo situation in vitro as closely as possible using preferentially primary human cells and multi-cell type models. We aim to monitor the performance of cells if possible on-line.

To obtain knowledge regarding cell-surface interactions these in vitro models are being used to correlate:

  • chemical composition of the surface
  • physical properties
  • structure (incl. nanostructure/Np)
  • release of bioactive substances and
  • applied forces (incl. magnetic) at the cell-material interface with:
    • cellular performance including cell migration and
    • the competition/interaction between cells

Currently we especially focus on development of materials for nanomedicine and on the development on new ways to produce bone related implants with bioactive surfaces.


Dr. Katharina Maniura (curriculum vitae)

Support (since 2005)

Empa, CTI, Volkswagen Foundation, EU FP7, PhD School Empa-Poland, Spanish government (MICINN), SNF, SNF NFP64, CCMX

National project partners (past and present)
  • Atesos
  • Bischof Textiles
  • Exabone
  • Inst. Straumann AG
  • Ionbond
  • Medicoat
  • Nolax
  • Synthes
  • KSSG Kantonsspital St. Gallen
  • RMS Foundation
  • ETH Zürich, D-HEST Cartilage Engineering + Regeneration
  • ETH Zürich, D-HEST Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology
  • ETH Zürich, D-MATL Surface Science and Technology
  • ETH Zürich, D-MATL Nanometallurgy
  • University of Bern, Dep. of Clinical Research
  • University of Zürich, Vetinary Hospital, Musculoskeletal Research Unit
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MedTech-related Research
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