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Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)

GAW Station Information System (GAWSIS)

The Global Atmosphere Watch Station Information System (GAWSIS) is the directory of ground-based GAW stations worldwide and contains information about stations, measurements and contacts.

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GAWSIS is the WMO designated meta data-base for the GAW measurement network.

GAWSIS is an initiative of QA/SAC Switzerland on behalf of the GAW Secretariat and in collaboration with the GAW World Data Centres.
GAWSIS is an interactive data base application to integrate information on the GAW measurement program. It is designed to be both, a management tool for the GAW Secretariat as well as an information pool for the entire GAW community. Station characteristics, extensive meta data on available measurement data and contact information are collected.

To visit GAWSIS, please click here.


Further Information
Please direct questions and/or comments about GAWSIS to Jörg Klausen (QA/SAC Switzerland).


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